SINGER XL-420 Futura embroidery & sewing machine


Connect Directly To Your PC

Simply connect the SINGER XL-40 to your PC with the included USB cable and you get the same capabilities of other embroidery machines at a fraction of the cost!

200 Built-In Embroidery Designs

Select from 200 built-in designs including animals, flowers and more. Use the included editing software to customize the look! The SINGER XL-420 automatically reads most embroidery design file formats. Download designs from the Internet or work from a collection on a CD or disk.

5 Monogramming Fonts

Select from 5 built-in fonts: Arial Large, Block Large, Courier, Script 2 and Times Large.
Letters can sized, rotated and shaped with 30 lettering frames such as arc, banner, wave and more!

Multi-Hoop Capability

The included 6"x10" hoop is our largest hoop size ever!

The multi-hooping capability allows you to create designs as big as your imagination with multi-hoop capabilities that allow you to embroider designs up to 18-1/2" by 11".

Endless Hoop Embroidery

Create beautiful border and edging designs in this 6.75” X 4” hoop. When Embroidering an Endless Design, the machine automatically adds alignment stitches for easy fabric positioning. 

Stippling Embroidery Designs Included

Use the stippling embroidery designs for easy quilting and surface embellishments. 

SwiftSmart Threading System

Thread the Futura sewing & embroidery machine in a snap with SINGER’s SwiftSmart Threading System. It’s one of the fastest ways to thread a sewing machine! The thread is placed through only 1 simple path. Just press the lever – conveniently located on the side of the machine, and your needle is threaded for you – automatically!

Drop & Sew Bobbin System

The Drop & Sew Bobbin is a great time-saving feature. There’s no need to draw up the bobbin thread before you start to sew – the machine will do it for you!
Set your bobbin in the bobbin case, place the thread tail into the groove and then start sewing! The bobbin and bobbin cover are transparent, making it easy to monitor your thread supply.

Auto Stitch Length & Width

When you choose one of the 30 built-in stitches on this SINGER sewing & embroidery machine, the optimum stitch length and width are automatically set for you. Customizing stitch length and width is as easy as moving a dial. You’ll start sewing faster with the Automatic Stitch Length and Width.

Drop Feed

Feed Dogs are located under the presser foot of the sewing machine. Feed Dogs move from front to back in a rotating motion to move the fabric through the machine as you sew. Conveniently located at the back of the machine, the Drop Feed Lever lowers the feed dogs allowing you to move the fabric manually for creative topstitching and free motion embroidery. Drop Feed is a must-have for quilting and fashion sewing!

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For Creativity that Knows No Limits

The SINGER Futura XL-420 embroidery and sewing machine includes innovative features that allow you to do more than ever before. With an endless hoop, knee lifter for hands-free presser foot lifting, extra-large sewing space for quilting and 200 built-in embroidery designs – including 20 endless designs – it’s just what you need to make your sewing creativity truly limitless. 


For Creativity that Knows No Limits
Connects to your PC
Quilting Embroidery Designs
200 Embroidery Designs Including 20 Endless Hoops Designs
3 Easy-On Embroidery Hoops
Long Arm Design
Perfect for Home Decor
30 Built-In Sewing Stitches
2 Styles of Fully Automatic 1-Step Buttonholes
Knee Lifter Included
Automatic Needle Threader
Heavy Duty Metal Frame
FREE Accessories
Automatic Stitch Length and Width


Model #


Bobbin Class








Embroidery & Sewing Machine



6 StayBright LED Lights


22"L x 9.5"W x 13"H

23.5 pounds

25-Year Limited

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How To Videos

  • For Creativity That Knows No Limits...
  • How to Endless Hoop Embroider
  • Preparing to Embroider
  • Selecting Designs for Embroidery

For Creativity That Knows No Limits...

How to Endless Hoop Embroider

The SINGER Futura XL-420 sewing & embroidery machine features a large hoop, a small hoop and an Endless Hoop. Now you can create embroidered borders to transforms the look of your fashions, home décor, quilting and more. The SINGER Futura sewing & embroidery machine comes with a selection of Endless Hoop designs built-in. Just select the design you want to stitch. The Futura software lets you decide onscreen how close together or far apart you want the designs to stitch. Place the fabric into the endless hoop, line up the fabric with the guide along the side of the fabric, set the clamp in place then start embroidering. After stitching the first design, the machine sews Alignment Stitches to help you line up the next repeat of the design. Just lift the clamp and slide the fabric back. Align the needle with the Alignment Stitches and even up the fabric with the guide along the side of the hoop. Set the clamp in place and you’re ready to embroider the next section. Sew as many repeats as you want. Not only do you have a great selection of built-in borders to choose from, but you can turn almost any design into an endless hoop embroidery design. Line up the designs, one after the other, for the length of the project. 

Preparing to Embroider

For correct start-up procedure, make sure that the embroidery unit is attached to the machine, but leave the machine turned off. Boot up your computer but do not open the Futura program yet. Connect the USB cable between your computer and the machine. Raise the needle to its highest position by turning the hand wheel toward you. Turn the machine on. Double click on the Futura icon to open the program. Now you can select a design and attach the hoop to embroider.

Your machine comes with large and small embroidery hoops. The large and small embroidery hoops each have two parts – an outer hoop and an inner hoop. Make sure that the outer hoop has the mounting bracket to the left with the hoop adjusting screw at the bottom. The inner hoop notch markings must appear on the side facing you. Loosen the hoop adjusting screw on the outer frame and remove the inner frame. Place the outer frame onto a flat surface. Place the stabilizer and fabric on top of the outer frame and then place the inner frame on top. Fit the two frames together by pressing down on the inner frame. Tighten the hoop adjusting screw and carefully pull the fabric edges to remove slack. Once the fabric is properly positioned in the embroidery frame with no slack, tighten the hoop adjusting screw securely with one or two turns. Raise the presser foot lifter. Push the embroidery foot lever up with your finger and pass the embroidery hoop under it. Slide the hoop connector into the hoop attachment on the embroidery arm until it clicks into place. To remove the hoop from the embroidery arm, press the hoop release lever, raise the needle and presser foot and then slide the hoop toward you. 

Selecting Designs for Embroidery

When sewing a design that is built-in follow these steps. To open a design from the design library, in the main menu go to Create > Design Library. Double-click on a design and it will appear onscreen in a grey box. Right-click with the cursor outside of the frame, and a popup menu will appear. Left-click on Apply. The design will fill with stitches and is now ready to embroider. To send a design to the machine for embroidery, go to File > Transmit to Futura machine. Lower the presser foot lifter. Click on Send design. Press the Start/Stop button on the machine to begin sewing the first color. To pause and trim the thread tail, press the Start/Stop Button, trim the thread, then press the Start/Stop Button again to resume sewing. The machine will stop automatically when the first color is completed. To see the next color, click on the Forward >> arrow, change the thread color then press to Start / Stop button on the front of the machine to begin stitching. Continue this process until the embroidery design is complete.

When sewing a design that is not built-in follow these steps. To view the designs go to File > Design Browser, then click on the folder or drive where your designs are located. You can preview your designs saved in any of the formats that the Futura software uses. Click on a design and you’ll be able to preview it, see the color blocks, size of design and stitch count. Then click on Open to select it for embroidery.