M70™ Bluetooth® Headset

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Controls streaming music

Pause or play music and track forward/back using headset buttons instead of your smartphone.

Delivers HD audio clarity

Reduces noise, wind, and echo from calls and delivers HD audio clarity when used with wideband-enabled smartphones and mobile service.

Speaks three languages

During set up, select which language you you want to hear status alerts announced - the M70 offers three different options which vary by region.

Once paired, the alerts will announce various situations:

  • Power is on or off
  • Pairing is complete or incomplete
  • Remaining hours of talk time
  • Maximum volume achieved
  • Microphone is muted (during a call)
  • Lost or restored Bluetooth connection

Hibernates to conserve power

Don’t worry if you forget to turn off its power and leave it somewhere out of Bluetooth range - the DeepSleep® hibernation mode will activate after 90 minutes in order to conserve power. This can help keep your M70 ready for use for up to six months.

When you are back in Bluetooth range, you can “wake up” your M70 with a quick button press.

Fits comfortably for hours

The lightweight design and soft eartip let you put it on and forget you’re wearing it.

The soft loop on the eartip gently tucks into the contours of the back of your ear. For the most stable fit, you can rotate the eartip slightly and even clip on the optional thin earloop.

Activates smartphone features

You can press a button on the M70 to access your smartphone's voice-activated features such as Siri or Google Voice Search. 

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Get Started

Pairing & Languages

1. Turn the headset on by sliding the Power switch. The LEDs flash and you will hear voice prompts to instruct how to pair your phone and select your language for status alerts.

2. After following the instructions, when pairing is successful the LEDs on your headset stop flashing and you will hear "Pairing complete." 

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Talk Time

Up to 11 hours from full charge

Standby Time

Battery Readiness

Up to 16 days from full charge

Up to 180 days using DeepSleep mode


8 grams

Charge Time

2 hours for full charge

Noise Reduction

Digital Signal Processing (DSP)
Acoustic echo cancellation
Mic location reduces wind noise

Call & Music Controls

Power on/off switch
Call answer/end button
Volume up/down button
Microphone mute on/off
Supports phone's last number redial
Supports phone's voice-activated features
Streaming music tracking and play/pause

Bluetooth Technology

Version 3.0


Advanced Audio Distribution Profile (A2DP) to stream audio

Audio Video Remote Control Profile (AVRCP) to control streaming audio

Hands-free v1.6 (HFP) with wideband support

Headset v1.2 (HSP)

Secure Simple Pairing (SSP)

Up to 33ft range between headset and phone

Language Options

  • Americas: US English, Spanish, French
  • Southern Europe: French, Italian, Spanish
  • Northern Europe: UK English, German, Russian
  • China: UK English, Mandarin and Cantonese
  • Asia Pacific: Either UK English, Japanese, Korean (or) UK English, Mandarin and Cantonese

Battery Type

Rechargeable 85mA Li-ion polymer

Charge Connection

Micro USB port

 Storage & Operating Temp

32°F - 104°F (0-40°C)

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