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KitchenAid® KCM0402 Personal Coffee Maker

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Great-tasting hot coffee right at your fingertips with the new KitchenAid personal coffee maker. Simply choose your perfect grind, fresh water, then one-touch brewing keeps it simple.

Rich, hot, flavorful coffee, brewed your way. The vertical heating element is located exactly where the brewing takes place.

And the best part? The single-serve brews coffee directly into its 18-ounce thermal travel mug or your favorite cup, small or tall.

The KitchenAid personal coffee maker even makes on-the-go mornings special. Nobody knows the kitchen like KitchenAid.


Your Coffee Your Way

Our new Personal Coffee Maker delivers optimal brewing performance in a smaller format. Fresh grind your favorite coffees and brew up to 18 oz. into your personal Thermal Carafe, which doubles as a Personal Travel Mug.

Optimized Brew Process (Brew temp approx. 197F degrees)

Unique vertical placement of the heating element provides hot water at a consistent temperature for extraction and better coffee taste.

Removable Top Load Water Tank (20 oz capacity)

Great tasting coffee starts with fresh water. The removable water tank is easily accessible and has an integrated handle for easy filling from any angle.

Cone Brew Basket

When you use a smaller amount of coffee, Often the depth of ground coffee in the brew basket is too shallow and the water simply runs through too fast, a situation exacerbated by not using enough coffee in the first place.
The solution is to use a narrower brew basket to give a greater bed depth of ground coffee.

Optimized Showerhead

Our showerhead is designed to evenly saturate the coffee without over extracting the coffee. Over extracted coffee leads to bitter, overcooked coffee

Thermal Carafe/Travel Mug

The Unique Lid Design allows coffee to be brewed with the lid already in place keeping the coffee warmer. The mug can be used as a travel mug or pour like a traditional carafe. The personal brewer can brew into most cups and travel mugs

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