Ninja® 3-in-1 Cooking System



Triple Fusion Heat™ Technology

Ninja® Triple Fusion Heat™ Technology combines contact heat from the bottom, direct heat from the sides, plus super-heated steam for juicier, healthier meals made up to 50% faster*, with up to 50% less fat**, and Ninja® fast cleanup!

*Based on independent testing of comparison roasting of beef and chicken in a conventional oven. **Based on independent comparative sensory testing of baking cakes from mixes in conventional ovens.

Fast One-Pot Meal Making

Serve healthier homemeade meals in 30 minutes - with as little as 5 minutes of prep time. Everything is ready at the same time.

Steam Infused Roasting

Steam and heat penetrate food quickly, keeping natural juices inside while evenly cooking food.

SEARious™ Slow Cooking

Now you can sear, sauté, brown and then slow cook in the same non-stick pot, locking in flavor! Also, great for reheating meals.

Programmable Timer and Digital Controls

Dial to your selected cooking function: Stovetop (Low, Med, High settings), Oven (250 – 425 degrees) and SEARious™ Slow Cooking (Low, High, Buffet settings). Use the Time/Oven Temp button to select the duration and temperature needed for your recipe.

6 Quart Capacity

Holds up to a 6lb chicken or a 4lb roast.

Premium Non-Stick Cooking Pot

The Ninja® 6 quart professional non-stick pot is easy to clean, dishwasher safe and removable for serving.

Roasting Rack

Ninja® Roasting Rack is designed to fit inside the Cooking System and to hold foods when using steam roast or steam bake modes. Roasting Rack holds up to 6lb chicken.

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  • Multipurpose Baking Pan Multipurpose Baking Pan
    Multipurpose Baking Pan is a durable, non-stick rectangular pan that provides optimum food release for easy cleaning. Perfect for baking cakes, casseroles, meats and poultry. Baking Pan measures 9.5" x 7.25".