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Disney Princess Cinderella's Transforming Pumpkin Carriage



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Disney Princess Cinderella's Transforming Pumpkin Carriage:

Cinderella fans know that when you have a fairy godmother, even a plain pumpkin can turn into something magical! With this transforming carriage and royal horse, girls can experience that iconic fairytale moment in three easy steps: lift the pumpkin to pop up the carriage wheels, pull the cord to reveal the beautiful carriage underneath and attach the cord to the elegant white horse as reins. To return the magical transport to a plain pumpkin, simply recover the carriage and turn down the wheels to reveal pumpkin vines. Girls will love reliving this unforgettable scene over and over again.



Package Dimensions: 12.75 x 7.25 x 22 in (H x W x L)
Weight: 4.40
Age grading: 3+

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