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TrueCoat® II


  • TrueCoat II

TrueCoat II


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Patented ProSpray Technology

  • Same Pro Quality Finish as Graco's professional airless sprayers
  • No Thinning Required - Sprays material as designed by the paint manufacturer
  • Consistent, even spray for one-pass coverage
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Preset to Optimal Spray Setting

  • Set for you at the factory to reduce overspray and provide more control
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Easy Start-Up & Clean-Up

Ready to spray in seconds!

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Tilt-N-Spray Paint Cup

Allows for spraying in any direction-

Use virtually all material in the cup when spraying Up, Down - even Sideways!

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Reversible Spray Tips

  • High precision carbide tips deliver the highest spray quality on the market
  • Choose .011-.015 tip based on the material sprayed
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Ergonomic Handle & Form-Fitted Trigger

Comfortable and well balanced while spraying; Smooth operation with no vibration making this handheld easy to use for extended periods of spraying.

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Sprayer Hook

Adjusts to balance on any ladder for easy fill/transport.

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Sprays a Variety of Coatings

Stains, Oil-Based Paints, Latex Paints, Primers, Acrylics, Varnishes, Enamels, Urethanes*


*Compatible with most materials that can be cleaned with mineral spirits, paint thinner or water. Do not use materials which state "flammable" on the packaging.

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Pump Armor

Protects pump for storage, freeze proof to -30˚ F (-34.4˚ C). Fill the pump with Pump Armor and leave it until you use it again.

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Material Cup Liners

Plastic disposable cup liners makes clean-up fast and easy.

360 Rotation




Extend your capabilities by adding accessories to complete the job faster.


Material Cups and Liners

For larger applications and less cup fills; includes a cover for storage or use to shake cup for fast cleanup without a cup liner. Quick and easy twist-on cup assembly.

TrueCoat Reversible Tips

Available in narrow or wide fan sizes to spray thin to heavy, untinned material. TrueCoat tips are a uniquely designed tip and guard combination that is optimized for use with ProSpray Technology.

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TrueCoat Spray Extensions

The TrueCoat Extensions extend your reach while spraying ceilings and floors. A patented integrated needle shuts the fluid off at the tip for a crisp pattern with no spitting.

  • Fixed Spray Extension: 12 in (30 cm) or 24 in (60 cm) 
    • Exclusive, two-way pivot point design allows you to angle the pole 180° to spray ceilings, walls and floors with a consistent, even spray pattern. (tip and guard not included)
  • Flexible Spray Extension: 12 in (30 cm)
    • Articulating extension can easily flex in any direction for hard-to-reach areas and small projects with many angles. (tip and guard not included)

ProPack Portable Spray Pack

Expands your ability to spray small projects without interruptions. Longer spray times with less refills and less wait!




Tip Filters

Threads directly into the guard and filters paint for less tip plugs. Threads directly into the guard and filters paint for less tip plugs.

Shoulder Strap

Attaches to the front and back of the TrueCoat II and TrueCoat Plus II sprayers for hands-free movement on the job.


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Pump Armor

Protects the airless pump during storage. Fill TrueCoat II or TrueCoat Plus II pump with Pump Armor and leave it until you use it again.

Pump Armor Storage/Start-up Kit

Clears intake valve at start-up to provide reliable priming every time.

Electric Storage Case

Durable storage case protects all components inside and is convenient for carrying and storing your sprayer.



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Spraying Ceilings

Spraying Ceilings
Spraying Interior Trim
Spraying Doors
Spraying Exterior Trim
Spraying Garage Doors
Spraying Decks
Spraying Fences
Spraying Furniture
Spraying Small Projects

Easy Start-Up &amp; Clean-up

Start-Up, Step 1

Insert optional liner and fill the cup with paint.

Start-Up, Step 1
Start-Up, Step 2
Start-Up, Step 3
Clean-Up, Step 1
Clean-Up, Step 2
Clean-Up, Step 3


  • Brush & Roller vs, Paint Spraying
  • How ProSpray Technology Works

Brush & Roller vs, Paint Spraying

How ProSpray Technology Works


Recommended Annual Usage (annual per year)*  25 gallons per year
Maximum Tip Size  .015
 Maximum Pressure  2000 psi (138 bar)
 Sprayer Weight 5.89 lb (2.67 kg)
Electrical Power Requirements  120 Vac, 60 Hz, 15A, 1 phase



















 *Annual usage is a general guideline to help with product selection only. With good care and routine maintenance, your sprayer should last for years.


TrueCoat II Includes: TrueCoat II Electric Airless Sprayer, 515 Reversible Tip, 32 oz (.95 L) Cup and 5 Cup Liners, Pump Armor Storage/Start-up Tool, How To Instructional DVD.