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Frigidaire Professional™ Tri-Blade Immersion Blender / Mixer


Tri-Blade Professional Velouté Knife

Whether you are blending soups or pureeing fruits and vegetables, the tri-blade professional Velouté knife ensures a superior even-blending performance.

Extra-Long 10 Inch Mixing Wand

Designed to reach the bottom of large mixing bowls, the extra-long 10 inch mixing wand allows for a smooth no-hassle blending experience.

Express-Select™ Variable Speed Control

High Performance made simple—the thumb-driven speed control easily adjusts to the speed of your choice.

Pro-Select™ Turbo Button for Vortex Power

Any chef knows, sometimes you just need maximum power right away. Located below your speed control button, the conveniently-placed turbo button provides for maximum power when you need it most.

LED Speed Indicator

The LED lit display allows you to easily see the power of your current speed setting at a glance.

Kitchen Mount

Vertically-cradled to clear up counter space, your attractive Tri-Blade Immersion Blender / Mixer can be accessed quickly with this useful, great-looking kitchen mount making everyday cooking accessibility a snap.

Dual-Whisk Innovation

With ease of use and versatility in mind, the innovative Dual-Whisk attaches quickly transforming your immersion blender into a professional-powered hand mixer in an instant.

Extra-Large Dual-Blade Chopper

Quickly mince fruits, vegetables and even ice with ease. The no-fuss design allows for easy sealing and cup removal without a mess—leaving more time for entertaining and less for clean-up.

Professional-Sized Blending Pitcher

Makes transferring simple—pour directly into your cooking pan or right into a glass.

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Power: 200 Watts
Wand Length: 10 inch
Speed Settings: Variable
Chopper Capacity:
3 cup
Pitcher Capacity: 4 cup
Accessories: Dual-Wisk, Dual-Blade Chopper, Blending Pitcher, Kitchen Mount
Tri-Blade Velouté Knife, Express-Select™ Variable Speed Control, Pro-Select™ Turbo Button, LED Speed Indicator
2.38"w x 2.5"d x 16.38"h
UL Listed:
Warranty: 1 Year Limited