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Toy Story RC’s Race Deluxe Figures



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Toy Story RC’s Race Deluxe Figure Assortment:

These 6-inch-scale deluxe action figures offer favorite characters in new racing-inspired decos. Each comes with accessories that can be used with the figure or any vehicle in RC's Race segment for more racing fun! This assortment includes Woody, dressed in a motocross racing suit with removable helmet and two rockets that can be attached to his backpack or any racing vehicle; Buzz, in a race car-inspired racing suit, with turbo wings that can be affixed to his back or any racing vehicle's spoiler; and Zurg, wearing his own iconic racing outfit, complete with grappling hook blaster that fits in the hand of any figure or on the hood of any vehicle in the segment.

Package Dimensions: 12 x 2.63 x 7.5 inches (H x W x L)
Weight: .448 lbs
Age grading: 3+

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