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KitchenAid® KSC6223SS 6-Quart Slow Cooker

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Four Temperature Settings

Four temperature settings provide flexibility of temperature to pair with  the recipe.

  • HIGH - Use this setting when a shorter cooking time is desired.
  • MEDIUM - Use this setting for recipes that require long, slow cooking.
  • LOW- Use this setting for long, slow cooking recipes to fully develop flavors and fully tenderize meats.
  • KEEP WARM - Maintains a consistent, food-safe temperature for up to four hours without overcooking. 


24-Hour Programmability

Large easy-to-read display shows 2-modes ON and PROGRAM:

  • ON will run at the set temperature (LOW-MEDIUM-HIGH) for 24 hrs. before shutting off.
  • PROGRAM allows you to set a temperature (LOW-MEDIUM-HIGH) and a specific time in 30 minute increments up to 24 hrs., before reverting to KEEP WARM for 4/Hrs. and then shutting off.

6-Quart Removeable Ceramic Vessel

Oval shaped 6-Quart ceramic  vessel with graduated markings in Quarts,  provides just the right capacity to handle large or small quantities while minimizing space on your countertop.

Glass Lid

Glass lid provides optimal viewing of cooking space, the lid handle is large allowing for easy lifting and is designed to reduce heat transfer from the lid.

Easy Lift Handles

Handles are large enough so that the 6-Quart slow cooker can be lifted easily, even with oven mitts.

Integrated Cord Storage

The power cord, which includes a 3 prong grounded plug, stores neatly on the bottom of the slow cooker base.

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