M-D Building Products: Attic Armour


Prevents Heat Loss

Attic Armour provides an insulating barrier for comfort and fuel savings.

Lowers Energy Bills

The cost of heating your home may be rising, but there's something you can do. Attic Armour helps keep the warm air in, cold drafts out and your energy bill down. It is a low cost energy saving solution.


Attic Armour comes in 2 different sizes and can be trimmed to fit.

Multiple Uses

Attic Armour can be used on Attic Entries but it is also effective on pet doors, electrical boxes, floor registers and whole house fans.

Easy to Install

Attic Armour is easy to install. Please see the Installation tab in this demo for the easy to understand instructions.

1 Year Guarantee

Attic Armour comes with M-D’s Building Products 1 year guarantee.

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Product Line


  • 2 Sizes: 36 X 48 inches and 48 X 48 inches
  • Great for attic entries, pet doors, electrical boxes, floor registers & whole house fans
  • Lowers energy bills
  • Reduces heating & cooling loss
  • For year round comfort
  • Trim to fit
  • Easy to install
  • Includes Hook and Loop Adhesive Strips
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Pet Doors

Pet Doors
Electrical Boxes
Floor Registers
Whole House Fans
Attic Entries


Step 1

Clean surface thoroughly before attaching adhesive backed fastener. Note: hook and loop come mated together.