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KitchenAid KHB2561 5-Speed Hand Blender



Powerful 5 Speed DC Motor and 8" Removable Blending Arm

Powerful and quiet DC motor provides exceptional control to mix all ingredients with ease. The 8" removeable blending arm allows for convenient blending in any deep pot, bowl, or pitcher.

Versatile Blade System

Easily change between different types of blades with no hassles or tools.

Industry First 3 Bell Blade System

Blend, puree, shred, mince easily with the 3 interchageable bell blades.

2.5 Cup Chopper Attachment

The 2.5 cup "BPA Free" chopper attachment allows for greater versatility.  Easily tackle recipe tasks that involve chopping, such as pestos, salsas and graham crackers for pie crusts.

Wire Whisk Attachment

16-tine stainless steel wire whisk provides the versatility to whisk, aerate and emulsify, providing the hand blender the ability to quickly process egg whites, mayonnaise, vinaigrettes, chocolate mousse and more.

4-Cup/1-Liter BPA-Free Pitcher w/No-Splash Lid

Reduce the need for multiple measuring cups or mixing bowls. Easily blend, serve and store in one container. Clearly identifies English (cups) and metric (ML) measurements.

Patented Design Pan Guard

The first ever removeable pan guard attaches easily to the bell blade assembly and helps prevent scratching your cookware.

Accessory Storage Case

Streamlined accessory storage case allows you to easily and conveniently store your versatile hand blender  attachments.

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Use & Care

KitchenAid® KHB2561 5-Speed Hand Blender

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