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KitchenAid® KGM Grain Mill Attachment



12-Grind Levels

Twelve grind levels range from "cracked" to fine textures. Mills a variety of low-moisture, non-oily grains. (Coffee not recommended)

All-Metal Construction

Tough die-cast metal construction.


All-Metal Burr's mill grain into fresh flour within seconds. Easy to assemble, attach, and use.

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Use and Care

To Use Grain Mill Attachment

Note the grind symbols at the top of the dial. The Fine Grind symbol (A) indicates the finest grind setting. The Coarse Grind symbol (B) indicates the setting for the grind that is most coarse. Each notch on the dial represents a grind setting.

1. Select the finest grind setting by turning the adjustment knob (C) clockwise to the Fine Grind symbol (A) and immediately turn
adjustment knob back 2 notches.

2. Fill the hopper with grain.

3. Once the grain is added, start the mixer at speed 10.

NOTE: If the grind is too fine, turn the adjustment knob
counterclockwise, one notch at a time, until desired coarseness is obtained.

4.Continue to replenish grain in the hopper until the desired amount of grain is ground.

NOTE: Do not grind more than 10 cups (2.4 L) of flour at one time; damage to mixer may result. After grinding 10 cups (2.4 L) of flour, allow the mixer to cool at least 45 minutes before using it again.

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