Handler 210MVP

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Weld Thickness

 Plenty of power to weld 3/8" steel in a single pass. The Handler 210MVP also has enough control to weld as thin as 24 gauge steel.

Input Power

The Multi-Voltage Plug (MVP) provides flexibility to use either 115V or 230V input power. The MVP allows you to connect to 115V or 230V receptacles in a twist, no tools required. Just choose the plug that fits your receptacle, connect to the power cord and start welding. The Handler® 210MVP will automatically adjust itself to the correct input power.

Control Panel

The Handler® 210MVP offers seven output voltage settings (taps) and infinite wire feed speed control making the unit easy to adjust for different materials, thicknesses and wires. When plugged into 115V power, the 210MVP utilizes 4 voltage settings (taps) and has 140 amps of weld output. When plugged into 230V power, you will get all 7 taps and 210 amps of weld output.


Drive System

 Quick-change drive roll and quick-release tension lever makes switching wire sizes fast and easy. Built-in selector switch for optional SpoolRunner spool gun.

Spool Gun Ready

The optional SpoolRunner™ 100 direct plug-in spool gun is great for welding aluminum – no more wire feed problems! Just plug the SpoolRunner™ 100 into the Handler® 210 MVP and its ready to go!


Weld Set-Up Chart

 Easy to read set-up chart takes the guess work out of setting your machine.


  • 10-ft. MIG gun
  • Regulator with gas hose
  • 10-ft work cable with clamp
  • Sample spool of .030 flux-cored wire
  • Extra .030 contact tips
  • Spool hub to run 8" spools
  • 10-ft. power cord with 115 V and 230 V plugs
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Handler 210MVP

Handler 210MVP
Drive System

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Protective Cover #195186
Weather-resistant nylon resists stains and
mildew while protecting the finish of your welder.

Spool gun
Hobart Safety Gear