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Height Adjustable

Great for those hard to reach places in and around your home. Just open it up rung by rung to your desired height and up you go.

Ergonomic Design

allows for smooth operation making it easy to adjust, even for those with smaller hands. The red/green locking tab indicators show when the rung is locked in place and safe to climb.

Integrated Carry Handle

Safety Closure System™

ANSI rated

Type II ladder 225 Pound Duty Rating.

Non-Slip End Caps

Ergonomic Thumb Release

To Insure Proper Hand Position.

Aerospace Engineered

Using 6061-T6 Aluminum Alloy.

Clean-Touch Anodized Finish

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Home Series 12.5ft

Different heights.

Home Series 12.5ft
Home Series 8.5ft - Extending
Home Series 8.5ft  - Climbing
Home Series 8.5ft  - Closed
Home Series 8.5ft  - Easy Storage
Home Series 8.5 ft
Home Series 8.5ft
Home Series 8.5ft  - Extended
Home Series 8.5ft  - Extended
Home Series 8.5ft
Home Series 12.5ft  - Extending
Home Series 12.5ft  - Extending
Home Series 12.5ft
Non-Slip Grips
Thumb Release - Green
Thumb Release - Red
In Use
In Use
Closing Ladder


Home Series Benefits

True Telescoping Technology® provides Xtend+Climb® ladders with the unique ability to extend and lock by the foot to the user's desired height. This provides maximum versatility while providing the most storable, transportable ladders in the world.

Since 2001, Xtend+Climb® has been awarded 47 patents (19 countries) for climbing products, which not only makes us the world leader in climbing innovation, but also the worlds largest manufacturer of telescoping ladders.



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The X+C Home Series ladders have been designed with our residential customer in mind while also featuring the same quality we design into even our most industrial models. Home Series ladders are great for those hard to reach places in and around your home, and will store virtually anywhere when you are done.





Ladder Height Open             8.5 ft.

10.5 ft.

12.5 ft.

Ladder Height Closed           2.25 ft.

2.50 ft.

2.70 ft.

Width              18 in.

18.75 in.

20 in.

Depth           3.75 in.

4 in.

5 in.

Weight         16.5 lbs.

19 lbs.

27 lbs.

Duty Rating             Type II

Type II

Type II

                    (225 lbs.)

(225 lbs.)

(225 lbs.)

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