RapidRoller™ Pivoting Paint Roller

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Pivoting Paint Roller

Holds paint in handle--no tray needed

Exclusive Pivoting Head

Allows for easy edging and painting in tight locations

2X Faster* Than Traditional Rollers

*when painting an 8'x20' wall with one coat and no edging

Exclusive Kick Stand

Keeps paint and mess off floor and grime off your roller

Exclusive EZ Fill System

Attach stick to can for a complete fill

3 Positions

Great for hard to paint areas

Spatter Shield

Reduces paint spatter while painting

Non-Shed Roller

For a clean, smooth finish

Ratcheting Paint Advance

Squeeze trigger to advance paint to roller

Easy to Clean

Disassembles easily for cleaning

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  • Capacity:  22 oz.
  • Perforated Roller:  9 in.
  • Nap Size:  3/8 in.
  • Pivot:  0, 40, 80 degrees
  • Warranty:  2 Full Year
  • Replacement Rollers Available:  BDPR1038 & BDPR1034


  • (1) BDPR400 RapidRoller™
  • (1) Round Paint Can Lid
  • (1) Fill Tube
  • (1) Spatter Shield
  • (1) Perforated Roller




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