Black & Decker 14.4V Dustbuster (CHV1410)

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Cyclonic Action

Keeps filter clean and power strong.

Rotating Slim Nozzle

Targets dirt in tight spaces.

Lightweight & Portable

Perfect for quick clean-ups.

50% More Reach**

Less bending and better accessibility.

**Compared to CWV9608 of the previous Dustbuster range.

Onboard Accessories

No loose items to misplace.

Translucent Bagless Dirt Bowl

Easy to see dirt and easy to empty.

Removable, Washable Bowl and Filters

For thorough, hygenic cleaning.

3 Stage Filtration

Means less clogging and cleaner air exhaust.

3 Versatile Ways to Store

Horiztonally, vertically, or mount on a wall.

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Side View

Side View
Side View
Angle View
Top View
Under the Stove
Under the Stove
Between Car Seats
Child Seats
On the Stairs
Tight Spaces
Pet Food
Couch Pillows
In the Kitchen
Spilled Food
Along Moulding
Car Crevices
Tight Spaces
High Chairs
Spilled Food
Under Cabinets
Spilled Food
Spilled Food
Hangs Easily
Cleans Easily
Empties Easily
Multiple Attachments




  • 1 Vacuum
  • 1 Eashable Pre-Filter
  • 1 Washable Filter
  • 1 Wall Mount
  • 1 Charger
  • 1 On-Board Crevice Tool
  • 1 On-Board Brush

Product Facts:

Volts: 14.4V

Airwatts:  24 Airwatts

Bowl Capacity:  20.6oz / 610ml

Weight:  3.3 lbs

Replacement Filter:  VF110

Warranty:  2 Year

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