QuietRock 500

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Easy as 1-2-3!

Step 1: Apply QuietPutty®

Wrap electrical boxes and other penetrations

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QuietPutty® Acoustical Putty

QuietPutty® is a moldable soundproofing putty designed to maintain the performance of acoustically rated walls with penetrations such as electrical outlets, HVAC ducts, water hookups, and cables

QuietPutty® Benefits

  • Remains flexible and will not shrink over time
  • Asbestos free and has no odor
  • Provides a draft and cold smoke seal
  • Easy to apply - No tools necessary

No Tools Required

QuietPutty® is a moldable putty, so no tools are required for application. Simply adhere the putty manually to back of outlet box or target area. Ideal areas of application include electrical outlet boxes, phone outlet boxes, electrical switches, and plumbing hookups.

QuietRock® Soundproof Drywall

QuietRock® is installed just like standard drywall and can directly replace traditional noise damping techniques such as resilient channels, soundboard and mass-loaded vinyl. QuietRock 500 offers reliable performance with just a single ½” layer.

QuietRock® 500 Benefits

  • Simple score and snap
  • Hangs and finishes like standard drywall
  • Installs over existing drywall – No demolition Required
  • Offers reliable acoustic performance with just one ½” layer
  • Outperforms traditional noise reduction methods like insulation & resilient channel

Simple Installation

QuietRock® 500 offers a simple installation – screw directly to the studs or install over existing drywall. No demolition required.For detailed instructions, click here.

QuietSeal® Acoustical Sealant

QuietSeal® is a non-hardening, acoustical sealant engineered to prevent sound leakage in partitions. QuietSeal achieves specified Sound Transmission Class values (STC) in drywall and plaster wall systems by sealing around any gaps in wall or ceiling application.

QuietSeal® Benefits

  • Never hardens
  • Professional quality acoustic isolating sealant/caulking
  • Maintains high STC values
  • Excellent for use with QuietRock®, QuietWood®, and QuietGlue® construction projects

Easy to Use

QuietSeal® can be applied to drywall, concrete, plaster, steel, wood and aluminum surfaces without priming to help maintain acoustic performance in your assembly.

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QuietRock® Products

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QuietRock® ES

True score and snap. Lowest cost 5/8” Type X soundproofing drywall

QuietRock® ES
QuietRock® 528
QuietRock® 530 RF
QuietRock® 545

Understanding Sound

Types of Sound

Before attempting to remodel your walls or floor, it is important to assess the situation to try to identify what type of sound is being transmitted and and the major cause of it.

Airborne Sound

Sound which travels through the air before reaching a partition, such as voices, TV or stereo sounds. The source does not strike or vibrate against the structure of the building.

Structure-borne Sound

Sound that is transmitted through the structure. Usually generated when an object that is connected to the structure vibrates and generates noise such as elevators and washing machines.

Impact Sound

Sound that is caused by an object striking the structure of the building, such as footsteps and cabinet or door slamming.

The QuietRock® Soundproofing System

Offers a solution for reducing airborne noise. QuietRock 500 helps reduce the noise by using constrained layer damping technology (CLD). When acoustic energy (sound) comes in contact with the constrained layer damped panel, the visco-elastic inner layer works together with the constraining (outer) layers to convert acoustic energy (sound) into thermal energy (heat), which cannot be heard. QuietPutty and QuietSeal are applied around electrical boxes and gaps to prevent sound flanking. They remain soft to maintain the acoustic performance in your high-performance wall.

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