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Emeril by T-fal 3.3 Liter Stainless Steel Fryer with Integrated Oil Filtration System

Features & Benefits

Top Quality Frying

Ratio of 3.3 liters of oil to 2.65 lbs. of food helps maintain an ideal oil temperature for crispier foods, every time.

Oil Change Indicator & Fryer Timer

Digital timer for precision frying allows you to multi-task in the kitchen.

The oil change indicator light turns on to  let you know when it's time to change the oil.

Oil Filter & Storage

Oil is filtered through the machine into the oil storage container. Store cleaned oil in the convenient container in the refrigerator until ready for reuse.

Professional Grade Heating Element

Heats up the oil quickly and ensures the best taste.

Easy to Clean

Integrated automatic filtration and storage system makes it easy to clean, drain and store oil. The fryer itself is also dishwasher safe (except for the heating element).

External Frying Basket Control

External basket handle allows for safe lowering and raising of the basket for splatter-free frying.

Cool Touch Handles

For added safety.

Viewing Window

Lets you check foods without losing heat.

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Emeril® 3.3 Liter Fryer

Designed to out-fry all others, the Emeril® Fryer by T-fal® heats oil super hot for foods crispier than you ever dreamed.

Emeril® 3.3 Liter Fryer
Emeril® 3.3 Liter Fryer







3.3 Liter Specifications:

Item #: FR7009001
Individual Weight:
10.6 lbs.
Product Size:
16 x 12.4 x 13.3
1200 W
3.3 L of oil

Care & Use Instructions

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