Whirlpool® Energy Smart Electric Water Heater


Touch Screen Electronic User Interface

With easy to set temperature setting and safety lock feature.

Operating Modes

Homeowner choice of operating modes to include energy saving Energy Smart® mode, which intelligently reacts to homeowner hot water use patterns to reduce standby heat loss. Vacation mode saves you money while you are away.

Diagnostic Feedback Via User Interface

Diagnostic status codes are communicated on the LCD screen. No single point of failure means hot water is always available. Unlike conventional electric water heaters, the Energy Smart® can operate with a failed element or thermistor.

Electronic Thermostat

Is superior to conventional electromechanical thermostats. Fewer moving parts ensure reliability; use of thermistors make it more accurate than conventional components.

Smart Grid Ready

The smart grid adapter positions the water heater for future demand response utility management, as well as home automation applications.

Dry Fire Protection

Ensures the installer or homeowner does not accidentally burn out the upper element when power is turned on, if the water level in the tank is not full. Dry-fire protection will not allow the unit to be turned on unless the tank is filled with water.

Premium Stainless Steel Heating Elements

More efficient and last longer than conventional elements. All 12 year models feature dual stainless steel elements and the 9 year models have a stainless steel lower element and copper upper element.

Self Cleaning Dip Tube

Helps avoid sediment in the tank, ensuring long tank life and optimal efficiency.

2” or 3” Environmentally Friendly Non-CFC Foam Insulation

Reduces standby heat loss, saving money.

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Whirlpool® Energy Smart Electric Water Heater

9 Year Warranty Model Numbers:

40 Gallon
Model# ES40R92-45D

50 Gallon
Model# ES50R92-45D


Whirlpool® Energy Smart Electric Water Heater
Whirlpool® Energy Smart Electric Water Heater


Electric Water Heater w/ Energy Smart Control