Kohler Co.

Command PRO® Single Cylinder Engines



Industry-Standard Dimensions

Engine can easily be interchanged and installed, powering new equipment or repowering existing equipment without modifications.

Quiet Operation

A fully integrated system – including silenced air intake, sound-deadening muffler and alloy crankcase – creates a smooth, quiet performance.

Tough in Challenging Conditions

Patented four-stage Quad-Clean™ air filter keeps up in even the harshest conditions, protecting the engine from airborne contaminants.

Less Fuel, More Profits

Advanced ignition system reduces fuel consumption while large-capacity fuel tank reduces fill-ups, saving you time and money.

Engineered for Enhanced Durability

Designed for maximum side-load characteristics, Command PRO® single engines have forged-steel crankshafts, cast-iron cylinder bores, tough Stellite®-faced exhaust valves and dual main ball bearings.

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KOHLER Command PRO CH270

7 HP

KOHLER Command PRO CH270
KOHLER Command PRO CH395
KOHLER Command PRO CH440