Calisto® 240

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Transition to PC communications

Familiar handset design and phone features ease the transition to PC communications.

Simple PC call managment

An easy to use 12-key dial pad and call answer/end, volume and mute controls enables seamless PC call management.

LCD display

LCD display for easy caller ID viewing and to access menu options.

Personal speakerphone

Built-in, full duplex personal speakerphone, offers a high quality audio experience and hands-free convenience.

Noise-canceling microphone

Noise-canceling microphone reduces background noise interruptions, ensuring great audio quality and easing listener fatigue.

Wideband for best PC audio

Enhanced audio quality with wideband audio support, noise-canceling microphone and echo cancellation technology improves sound quality and voice intelligibility.

Simple USB connection

Powered by USB, no batteries required.

Call Control

Enjoy call control including call answer/end, dialing, mute, etc. with leading PC softphones. Calisto 240 comes in two versions:

P240-M: Microsoft version, optimized for use with Microsoft Office Communicator 2007 and Microsoft Lync 2010, provides call control features with no software required.

P240 (coming soon): UC Standard version optimized for use with softphones from Avaya, Cisco, IBM, Skype and more. Download Plantronics software to get call control features. 

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Product Tour

Product Tour

1. Dialpad

2. Call answer/send

3. Function key (includes Mute)

4. Call end

5. Function key (includes Menu)

6. Scroll key

7. Volume up/down

8. Speakerphone

9. Display

10. Speaker

11. Microphone



Packaging Contents

Audio Performance

Hearing Protection


Microphone Noise Reduction

Call Control

Built-in Speakerphone

Optimized for Microsoft® Lync™ 2010 Model Number

Standard Model Number

Service & Support


Handset, carrying pouch,  quick start guide 

PC Wideband, echo cancellation

SoundGuard® - Sound leveling for listening comfort and acoustic limiting for protection against sounds above 118 dBA


Dial pad, call answer/end, mute, volume +/-

Full duplex


P240 (coming soon)

1-Year limited warranty

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