Pressure Control Octo Multi-Finishing Sander, model 7302-02


Pressure Control Technology

Series of pressure control lights indicate when correct sanding pad pressure is applied for optimal finish

8 Detail Attachments for various sanding projects

Extended Delta, 3-Position Nose, Finger, Inside Corner, Outside Corner,  Flex, , Convex, Slot 



Tool-less Attachment Change

Quick and easy changing system

3-Position Nose Detail

Maximize use of abrasive when sanding in corners


Captures and contains fine dust particles

Clear View Dust Cannister

Removes guesswork on when to empty canister

Soft Grip

For improved comfort and control


Dust Sealed Switch

For extended tool life

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Pressure Control Octo Finishing Sander

Pressure Control Octo Finishing Sander
8 Detail Attachments
Tool-less Attachment Change
3-Position Nose Detail
Finger Attachment
Slot Attachment
Extension Delta
Flex Attachment
Front View
Finish hard- to-reach surfaces
Captures and contains fine dust particles
Clear view dust cannister



  • Amperage: .8
  • Cord Length: 10'
  • Rating: 120V ~ 60Hz
  • Voltage: 120 V, 50-6O Hz, AC
  • Weight (lbs.): 2.7


  • Sander, model 7302
  • 32 Sandpaper Sheets
  • 8 Detail Attachments
  • Carrying Bag
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