Frigidaire Professional 27" Electric Wall Oven/Microwave Combination


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Frigidaire Professional 27" Electric Wall Oven/Microwave Combination

Model: FPMC2785KF

27" W x 42-3/4" H x 24-1/2" D

PowerPlus™ Preheat


UPC: 0-57112-10353-2
Oven Feature Specifications
Convection Conversion: Effortless Convection™
Hidden Bake Element: True Hidden Bake
PowerPlus™ Preheat: Yes
Oven Window: Extra Large Visualite™
Control Panel Specifications
Add-A-Minute Option: Yes
My Favorite Setting: Yes
Keep Warm Setting: Yes
Chicken Nuggets Button: Yes
Pizza Button: Yes
Oven Specifications
Oven Capacity (Cu. Ft.): 3.5
Oven Interior Height: 16-1/2"
Oven Interior Width: 20-1/2"
Oven Interior Depth: 18-1/32"
Rack Configuration: 3 with 1 SpaceWise™ Half Rack, 1 Heavy Duty Handle Rack, 1 Offset Rack
Baking System: Dual Radiant
Baking Element and Wattage: Radiant 1450w / Convection Element 350w
Convection System: 3rd Element
Broiling System: Vari-Broil™
Broiling Element and Wattage: 6 pass 3400w
Automatic Cleaning System: Quick Clean Variable 2-3-4 hours
Interior Light: 2
Microwave Auto Feature Specifications
Auto Cook Options: 3 Options - Pizza / Hot Dogs / Beverage
Auto Defrost Options: 6 Options - Ground Meat / Steaks-Chops-Fish / Chicken Pieces / Roast Pork / Casserole / Soup
Auto Defrost (Keep Warm): Yes
Auto Melt / Soften Options: 4 Options - Melt Butter / Melt Chocolate / Soften Ice Cream / Soften Cream Cheese
Auto Reheat Options: 3 Options - Fresh Rolls / Frozen Rolls / Pasta
Snack Menu Options: 4 Options - Chicken Nuggets / Hand Held Snacks (3 - 4 oz.) / Hand Held Snacks (5 - 6 oz.) / Frozen Kids Meals
Popcorn Button: Yes
Microwave Sensor Feature Specifications
Sensor Cooing Options: 5 Options - Frozen Entrees / Ground Meat / Rice / Fish-Seafood / Chicken Breast
Chicken Nuggets Button: Yes
Baked Potato Button: Yes
Reheat Button: Yes
Snack Button: Yes
Vegetable Cook Sensor: Frozen and Fresh Veggies
Microwave Specifications
Power Levels: High / 1-10
Frequency: 2,450 MHz
Controls Location: Side Control
Touch Pad Buttons: 28
Numeric Touch Pad: Yes
Timer Function: Yes
Timer Format: 99:99 (MM:SS)
Clock: Yes
Quick Settings (Time): Yes 1 - 6
Interior Color: White
Interior Light: Incandescent
Start Button: Yes with 30 sec add feature
Stop / Cancel Button: Yes
Turntable On / Off: Yes
Add 30 Seconds: With Start pad
User Preferences: Yes
Auto Start (Delayed Start): Yes
Child Lock: Yes
User Demo Mode: Yes
Selectable User Language (En/Fr/Sp): Yes
User Selectable Signal: On / Off
User Selectable Weight (lb/kg): Yes
Microwave Capacity (Cu. Ft.): 2.0
Microwave Interior Height: 10-1/2"
Microwave Interior Width: 17-3/8"
Microwave Interior Depth: 18-5/8"
Microwave Turntable Diameter: 16"
General Specifications
Amps @ 240/208 Volts: 28 / 25
Connected Load (kW Rating) @ 240 / 208 Volts: 6.8 / 5.1
Connection Location: Middle Bottom Rear
Shipping Weight (approx.): 220 lbs
Net Weight: 200 lbs
Exterior Dimensions
Height: 42-3/4"
Width: 27"
Depth: 24-1/2"
Exterior Depth (with door open): 44-1/2"
Cut-Out Dimensions
Cut-Out Height (Min): 41-1/8"
Cut-Out Height (Max): 41-1/4"
Cut-Out Width (Min): 24-7/8"
Cut-Out Width (Max): 25-1/4"
Cut-Out Depth (Min): 23-1/2"
Size: 27"
Exterior Finish: Real Stainless Steel
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