Whirlpool ® High Efficiency Gas Water Heater


Air Intake/Combustion Fan

  • Patented design pulls air in creating a pressurized environment
  • Heats water more efficiently

User Friendly LCD Read Out

  • Simple temperature adjustment
  • Easy-to-read temperature display panel
  • Diagnostics & operation status

Igniter/Gas Valve

  • Utilizes an electronic ignition – no standing pilot
  • Intelligent control with micro processor
  • Thermistor sensing for improved temperature control
  • Tighter differential, more consistent HOT water delivery

10 Foot Power Cord

Includes standard 120V electric
plug-in cord

Power Anode Rod

  • Never needs replacing
  • Protects tank from corrosion in all water conditions

Child Lock Out

Safety lock deters unwanted access to settings

Energy Star ® II Compliant

Achieves a .70 Energy Factor (EF) which exceeds Energy Star® II .67 EF qualification

6th Sense™ Features

  • Patented air-intake systems                          – delivers .70 Energy Factor
  • Electronic ignition means no standing pilot to light manually
  • User friendly LCD interface control with easy temperature adjustment
  • Easy to see service diagnostics read out
  • Zero maintenance powered anode rod never needs replacement
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High Efficiency Gas Water Heater