Whirlpool ® Heat Pump Water Heater



80-gallon capacity storage tank with dual electric element backup heat.

Environmentally Friendly

R134a refrigerant for safe, efficient heat exchange.

Electric Elements

Dual long-lasting stainless steel elements to provide backup heat if needed.

Ambient Temperature

The heat pump compressor has an ambient operating temperature of 45° to 109°

Installation Options

Can be installed indoors in the basement, garage or utility room.  Suggested 750 cubic feet of space.

Tank Protection

Maintenance free powered anode rod never needs replacement and protects tank from corrosion in all water conditions.


Durable, removable protective plastic shroud directs airflow and provides easy service access if needed.

Removable Side Air Filter

Easily removable air filter that pulls out from the plastic shroud horizontally versus needing extra room on top to pull the filter out for cleaning.

6th Sense™ Features

  • Integrated heat pump – more efficient, saves money
  • Electronic user interface with multiple mode settings
  • Innovative energy control system, easy-to-use, easy-to-control
  • Safety lock – deters unwanted access to settings
  • Smart technology – communicates status and diagnostic messages
  • Zero maintenance powered anode never needs replacement

User Friendly Interface

Easy to use touch screen interface provides heads-up display of control and operational status.

Individual Backlit Mode Buttons

Backlit mode buttons for one touch selection of four operational modes:

The most energy-efficient setting, uses the heat pump whenever ambient air temperature is between 45°F and 109°F.

This mode uses the heat pump for efficiency, but will use the heating elements for quick recovery during peak demand periods.

Conventional Electric
The unit operates as a conventional electric water heater, utilizing the heating elements only.

Maintains tank temperature at 60°F to reduce operating costs and provide freeze protection during vacation or extended absence.

Additional Features

Large LCD displays temperature in °F or °C.

Has safety lock option.

Includes 3-line display that communicates operational and diagnostic information.

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Operating Modes

Efficiency Mode
  • Utilize the heat pump for all water heating to maximum savings.
  • EF= 2.3
  • First hour rating = 70- gallons
  • Will automatically revert to elements if ambient temperature is outside safe operating range for heat pump



Whirlpool Heat Pump Water Heater

• Utilizes the heat pump for all water heating to maximize savings

• Will automatically revert to elements if ambient temperature is outside safe operating range for heat pump

• 80-gallon model achieves 2.3 Energy Factor and 70 gallon First Hour Rating


82” High x 24” Diameter
314 lbs. Empty and 976 lbs Full
3/4” NPT Water Connection on Right Side
12.4” x 16” Washable Air Filter


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