Complete Coverage™ Color Video Monitor Set


7" Color Flat Screen Video Monitor

With a large 7" contemporary LCD color flat screen, this monitor provides the largest and clearest viewing screen of any monitor on the market.

Tabletop or Under Cabinet Mounting

The 7" LCD monitor can be conveniently used on a tabletop, bedside table, or mounted under a kitchen cabinet.

Easy Push Button Adjustability

Easy push button controls allow you to adjust the volume and brightness of the screen for personal preference both during the day and at night.

Portable Handheld Color Video Monitor

The portable handheld color video monitor has a clear 1.8" display screen.  It includes a rechargeable battery that lasts up to 10 hours!  Convenience features include belt clip and flip stand, volume and brightness controls, and a one touch video on/off power saving button. 


The camera can be placed on a tabletop, bedside table, or wall mounted with wall anchor and security clips (included). LED lights on the camera allow for clear and easy nighttime viewing.  A second camera can be added to monitor multiple rooms (sold separately).

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Complete Coverage Color Video Monitor Set

For parents looking for a video monitor following today’s trends there’s the Complete Coverage Color Video Monitor Set from Summer Infant.

Complete Coverage Color Video Monitor Set
7" Color Flat Screen Monitor
Handheld Portable Monitor