Homax® Orange Peel Spray Texture

Nozzle Details

Pattern Adjustment

Precise and wide-ranging. Turn right for fine textures. Turn left for heavy textures.

Safety Tab

Remove before spraying. Prevents in-store discharges and protects nozzle.

Actuator Tab

In response to contractors, Homax designed the actuator tab to be both large and comfortable.

Cradle System

Provides stability and prevents damage to the stem.

Easy To Clean

Just invert & spray. No disassembly or washing. No small parts to lose.

"Click" Adjustments

Distinct, audible, tactile spray pattern adjustments.

Dial In Back

Large, ergonomic handle on back of nozzle, as requested by contractors.

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Homax Orange Peel Spray Texture

Pattern:  Fine orange peel to heavy splatter

Use: Interior

Surface Applied To: Drywall

Coverage: Up to 110 sq. ft. (Fine Orange Peel)

Color:  White

Size (oz.):  20.0

Dry Time: 30 min.

Cleanup: Water

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