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Aluminum Frame is built tough!

Heavy duty extruded aluminum frame has an anodized finish and is 2" wide x 1/2" thick with cast aluminum hinges.   Assembled awning is sent folded at the hinges.  Cast hinge is also the point for attaching to wall.  Extra strong to withstand high winds.

Sunbrella fabric, 140+ colors

Sunbrella awning weight fabric is available in over 140 colors and has a 10 year limited warranty that protects the original purchaser should Sunbrella awning fabric become unserviceable due to color or strength loss from normal usage and exposure conditions, including sunlight, mildew and atmospheric chemicals. This limited warranty does not cover normal fabric care and cleaning; damage from misuse, abuse or improper installation; or costs associated with replacement of the fabric, including labor and installation.

Tenera thread by Gore-Tex

Americana awnings are sewn with Tenera thread manufactured by Gore-Tex and has a 5 year warranty against  unraveling seams.   Tenera thread is tough enough to last a lifetime!

Custom Order Scallop Design

Every unit is custom manufactured by Illinois craftsmen.  Choose your scallop design.

Optional Pull Up Kit

Want to fold your awning back against the house?   Order the optional pull up kit.  Metal pulleys come installed on your frame with rope and a wall cleat.   

Note:  Do not screw the tension brace to the frame.  It can be popped in and out as needed.

Tension Brace

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Solid Colors

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Forest Green
True Brown
Pacific Blue
Terra Cotta
Cadet Grey

Stripe Colors

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Plum Fancy


Plum Fancy
Forest Vintage Bar Stripe
Forest Green/Natural - 6 Bar
Chocolate Chip Fancy
Forest Green Fancy
Forest Green/Beige/Natural Fancy Stripe
Sand Graduated Stripe
Heather Beige - 6 Bar


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American Awning

Sunbrella Forest Green with Standard Scallop

Fully Assembled

American Awning
American Awning
American Awning


Measure Guide

To determine the best size to shade your window or door.  Custom order size and color needed from a store in your area.

Height: East and West window awnings should cover 65-75% of window height.  North and south sides need only have 45-60% coverage.

Projection: Recommend 50% of window height.  Make sure awning does not project into path of foot traffic unless mounted above head  height.

Width:  Recommend 12" - 24" more than window width. Frame is 2" wide. Order an awning that is at least 4" wider than the window.

Does the window open outward?  If so,  see our other assembled awnings, such as the Parisian or Canadian models available special order in the store