SmartSelect Drills

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SmartSelect Technology®

Drill automatically adjusts power and speed for optimal results

Gear Indicator

2 Speeds - indicates high or low setting

State of Charge Indicator

Shows battery charge level

Rubber Soft Grip & Ergonomic Design

For user comfort

Metal Chuck

For durability

Slide Pack Battery

Easy to install and remove battery

Available in 12, 14.4 & 18 Volts

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Driving 2 in. deck screws into decking

Driving 2 in. deck screws into decking
Furniture Assembly
Drilling 1" spade bit through 2x4 stud
Using 3/8 in. metal drilling bit to drill into metal fencing
High Speed Drilling


  • Volts:  18V
  • Speed: 0-400/0-1200 RPM
  • Full 2 Year Warranty
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