Cordless AirStation

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Ultimate Convenience and Portability

Gives you the versatility to use the inflator where and when you need it

High Performance Cordless Inflator

Inflate 4 car tires on a single charge!

Get the Right Pressure Every Time

1.  Set desired PSI

2.  Inflate

3.  AirStation automatically shuts off at your pre-set PSI

Two Versatile Pressure Settings for Any Job

Low Pressure - for rafts, matresses and small inflatables

High Pressure - for bike and car tires

On-board Storage

For needles and accessories

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High Pressure for car and bike tires

High Pressure for car and bike tires
Low Pressure/High Volume for rafts and air matresses
Vacuum Suction
Ideal for small inflatables


  • Inflator:  12V DC, 8A
  • Pump:  12V DC, 6A
  • Battery:  3.2AH SLA
  • Charger:  120V AC
  • PSI:  120 Max Working Pressure
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