JET 1642 Pro Wood Lathe

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Cast Iron Legs

The legs are made from cast iron to dampen vibration; and include these supports that make adding a shelf to storage area simple.

Swing Out Basket

A handy swing out basket below the bed provides always needed storage for often used tools and supplies.

Indexing Pin

The spindle has internal indexing built in that allows locking it in 36 positions for drilling, fluting, grooving and other operations. It is accessed with this included index locking pin.

Control Panel

The control panel includes access to the drive belts, LED speed readout, Pull on / push off switch, forward-reverse switch and the Infinitely variable speed control knob.

Power Inverter

The inverter does the work of converting the electrical power from 1 phase to 3 phase. By varying the frequency the speed of the motor changes, which allows for high torque at low RPMs.

Tool Rest

The 14" long tool rest and its base are rigid and easy to reposition on the bed. The locking handle and mechanism make it easy to secure the tool rest assembly.


The tailstock is fitted with a heavy-duty ram, driven by a 5" diameter handwheel. The ram has a full 4” travel and has laser-engraved graduations that make drilling precise depth holes simple.

Turning Off the End

The headstock can be positioned anywhere along the bed, including at the very end for turning large diameter blanks “off the bed”, providing even more versatility.

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