Powermatic PM3000 Table Saw

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Riving Knife

The quick release riving knife on the PM3000 greatly reduces binding and kickback risk.

Arbor Lock

Our push button arbor lock (patent pending;) makes blade changes quick and easy.

American-Made Precision Fence

Our American-Made Accu-Fence® System is fully adjustable and milled square to ensure very accurate cuts. 

Handwheels and Locks

The 8" heavy-duty chrome plated handwheels make height and bevel adjustment simple. The screw locks tighten down without changing your angles.

Miter Gauge

The heavy-duty micro adjustable miter gauge with aluminum extruded fence gives you good workpiece guidance and fine angle adjustments.

Table Top

The PM3000 has a precision ground high luster cast iron table top with a front and rear edge bevel to reduce snagging & scraping of your workpiece. 



The Industrial magnetic stop switch offers quick access to controling your PM3000.

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