JET 16-32 Plus Drum Sander

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The up front controls on the JET 16-32 Plus include a pull on/push off switch for the 1-1/2 HP drum motor and an infinitely variable speed dial for the 43 in./lb. conveyor motor.

Belt Adjustment

Conveyor belt tension is handled by these built-in adjusters - the captured wrenches mean you never have to search your shop for a tool again.

Control Handle

Height of the drum over the workpiece is controlled by this large handle. Each full rotation of the handle changes the height by 1/16th of an inch; allowing truly precise control.

Belt Clips

Finger operated clips at either end of the drum secure the sanding strip. Additionally the Inboard clip also adds tension to the sanding strip.

Dust Port

The 4" dust port on the JET 16-32 Plus is molded into the upper drum cover. Connect a quality dust collector, like our DC-1100 and virtually all the dust is captured.

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