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Directional Switch

The reversible spindle allows you to set speeds for diverse shaping jobs.


Independently adjustable featherboard hold-downs lock into place for easy holding of your workpiece.

Polycarbonate Guard

The adjustable clear polycarbonate guard gives the user another level of protection from flying chips and debris while shaping the workpiece.

Starter Pin

The precision ground cast iron table of the 25X Shaper comes with a starter pin you can insert into one of multiple predrilled locations for irregular shaping.

Magnetic Switch

The industrial-styled magnetic on/off switch controls the powerful 3HP, 1Ph motor.

Spindle Adjustment

The spindle height is easily set using this scale. Spindle speed can be quickly noted through the viewing window.

Adjustable Fence

Independently adjustable left and right fences come standard with a micro adjust control for precise positioning.

Dust Port

A 4" Dust port is built into the fence for convenient hookup to any dust collection system.

Arbor Lock

Quickly lock the spindle with this easy access arbor lock; conveniently located on the outside of the 25X.

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