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Connect and Communicate

Savi Office integrates your desk phone and PC so you can make a call over a softphone, then mix in or switch to an incoming call from your desk phone. And if you need to jump on a web conference, no problem, Savi lets you easily switch. All without changing your headset; all with superior call clarity.

Mix PC and desk phone calls

Mixing calls across platforms and teleconferencing has never been easier or more powerful. You can now connect a softphone call on your PC with a call on your desk phone at the touch of a button. You can easily mix in colleagues from around the building or around the world, regardless of the device the caller is using, for real-time collaboration.

Convertible Wearing Style

Pick your style. The Savi Office system offers a variety of headset designs and wearing styles, each carefully designed and tested to deliver all-day wearing comfort, so you can pick the model that’s right for you. The convertible (WO100) wearing style offers both over-the-ear and over-the-head wearing styles in one headset.

Over-the-ear Wearing Style

The over-the-ear (WO200) wearing style offers great comfort and a discreet look.

Energy Efficient for Longer Talk Times

An adaptive power system maximizes battery life by sensing proximity to the base system and dialing the power up or down as needed. This reduces overall energy consumption, extends battery life and gives you more time to talk.

Real-time Business Collaboration with Extended Range

Need a colleague to quickly jump on a call? With Savi Office you can connect up to four headsets to a single base system for convenient on-the-fly conferencing. All with up to 350 feet of wireless mobility.

Wideband PC Audio

Premium PC audio with improved call clarity and lifelike fidelity with wideband PC audio—hear your conversations clearly every time.

Business-critical Sound Quality

Savi Office delivers the very best in sound quality on both sides of the call. With enhanced speaker design and a noise-canceling microphone that filters out distracting background noise.

Pack Your Savi Office Headset

Traveling to another location across campus—or across the continent? Thanks to its modular design, the Savi Office headset is easy to set up. Multiple headsets can be subscribed to a single base system, so you can bring your Savi Office headset with you and reconnect to a different base in a different location.

Software Overview

Easily manage your calls. Our new software, PerSono® Suite, lets you mix PC and desk phone calls, mute a call, or put a call on hold with the click of a button. Plus, Savi Office lets you personalize and save ring tones, volume levels, and default settings, so you get the audio experience that’s right for you.

Manage Your Calls With Persono Suite

Persono Suite lets you mute, hold and manage your calls with an easy click of your mouse. Icons include:

Gray = device idle
Green = audio path active
Red = audio path muted


Gray = audio path idle
Green = device active
Solid red headset = headset transmit muted
Blinking red PC = PC on hold (all audio paths to and from PC are muted)
Blinking red desk phone = desk phone on hold (all audio paths to and from Desk phone are muted)

PC Panel

Manage all your PC controls within the Persono Suite PC Panel feature. See the softphones and media players on your PC and manage your audio.

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Savi Office

Integrate your PC and desk phone communications with one wireless headset.

Savi Office
Savi Office Convertible
Savi Office Over-the-ear
Persono Suite


Mix Calls

Combine a call from your softphone with a call from your desk phone

Switch Calls

Answer whichever device is ringing

Adaptive Battery Power

Optimizes energy consumption


Up to 350 feet of mobility

Battery Enabled Talk/ Listen Time

Convertible (WO100) – up to 9 hours, Over-the-ear (WO200) – up to 6 hours

Microphone Style

Noise-canceling and extended boom for best sound quality

Remote Ring Notification


Single-Button Call Control


Operating Frequency and Digital Encryption

DECT 6.0, 1.9GHz and 64-bit

Modularity Support

Charger and headset disconnect from one base to subscribe to another base

Multi-Unit Conferencing

Add up to three other Savi Office users to form a conference call with instant headset pairing

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