LIQUID NAILS® Tub Surround & Shower Wall Adhesive

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No Burn Through

Heat and Steam Resistant

Water Resistant

Great for Tub & Shower Units

Light Color Won't Show Through

Meets LEED Standards

Meets National Green Building Standards

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Application Tips

Make sure that all surfaces are clean, dry, structurally sound and free of any loose paint or other materials. Sand and roughen high gloss paint.

Apply adhesive to surround panel in a 1/4 inch wide continuous bead approximately one inch from the edges of thepanel. An “S” or “X” shaped bead may be applied to the center portion of the panel. Press the panel into place on the wall within 15 minutes of the adhesive application. Press firmly into place. Repeat for remaining panels and corner units. For overlap areas and edges, this adhesive may be used as a caulk. Panels may be caulked at the time of installation. Allow adhesive and caulk to dry overnight prior to use.

32 linear feet per tube. A typical surround will require approximately 3 tubes of adhesive for installation, including caulking.

Use water for wet adhesive. Use mineral spirits or an adhesive remover for dry adhesive.


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Tub Surround

Apply in a continuous 1/4" bead, following the tub surround manufacturer’s instructions.

Tub Surround
Tub Surround
Venting Method
Venting Con't.


RECOMMENDED FOR bonding most plastic tub and shower enclosures over structurally sound drywall, plywood, hardboard, ceramic tile, greenboard and cement backerboard. It is also recommended for polystyrene foamback tub kits when adhesive venting method described under “Applying The Product” is followed.

NOT RECOMMENDED FOR flooring applications, ceramics, mirrors, granite, and uses other than those above.


Base: Vinyl Acrylic
Type: Waterborne
Color: Bright white
Appearance: Smooth Paste
Application Temperature: 40° to 100° F (4° to 38° C)
Service Temperature: -20 to 200° F (-29° to 93° C)
Adhesion: Good to most common building substrates
Shear Strength: 24 hours – 300 psi
7 days – 380 psi
Consistency: Smooth paste
Durability: Excellent
Flexibility: Good to -10° F (-23° C)
Volume Shrinkage: 40%
Slump: Max 0.15”
Shore “A” Hardness: 60
Water Resistance: Good
Freeze-Thaw Stable: Passes 5 cycles
Bleed: None
Staining: None
Odor: Mild Acrylic
Aging: Will not become Brittle
Tack Free Time: Tack at drying time – none
Tack at 24 hours – none
Drying Time: Sets in 24 hours. Allow 5 days to completely dry
Weight Per Gallon: 12.5 pounds (5.54 kg)
Viscosity: 350,000 to 400,000 CPS
Solids: 75%
Flammability: Nonflammable
Flash Point: Greater than 200°F (93°C)
Coverage: Cartridge - 30 lineal ft. (9.14 lineal meters) using 1/4" (.64cm) bead; Squeeze tube - 17 lineal ft. (5.18 lineal meters) using 1/4" (.64cm) bead
Shelf Life: 12 months from date of purchase

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