LIQUID NAILS® Subfloor & Deck Construction Adhesive

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Eliminates Squeaky Floors*

*When applied as directed.

Easy Cold Weather Gunning Formula

Bonds Wet, Frozen and Treated Lumber

Bonds Composite Materials

Tough, Durable and Flexible

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Application Tips

Make sure that all surfaces are clean, structurally sound and free of excess water. Wood can be damp, but the adhesive will take longer to dry. LN-602/LNP-602 can be applied at temperatures as low as 10°F (-12°C).

Condition LN-602/LNP-602 adhesive to at least 40°F (4°C) for easier gunning. Adhere materials within 15 minutes of gunning adhesive. Make sure skin of bead is broken. If not, scrape off bead and apply fresh bead.

Subfloors: Conventional or tongue and groove: Lay one 1/4" (.64 cm) zigzag adhesive bead on each joist. On supporting joists where sheets meet, lay two zigzag beads for added strength and to prevent squeaking. Space joints the thickness of a putty knife to allow for expansion. Nail section into place with 8d annular or spiral nails 12" (30 cm) on center of all joists. Subfloor must be under roof within 6 weeks of construction. Proper installation methods for subflooring must be followed.

Decks: Use a 1/4" (.64 cm) bead on every joist for added strength and to prevent squeaking. Nail planks at every other joist; pre-drill nail holes to prevent splitting of wood.

Use mineral spirits or an adhesive remover.

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Conventional or tongue and groove: Lay one 1/4" (.64 cm) zigzag adhesive bead on each joist.

Subfloors Con't.


RECOMMENDED FOR increasing the structural integrity of wall, deck and subfloor systems using the following common building materials:

  • Lumber and treated lumber
  • Plywood
  • Waferboard
  • Engineered lumber
  • Particleboard
  • OSB

NOT RECOMMENDED FOR uses other than subfloor, deck and wall system installation, or underlayment directly to concrete without proper vapor barrier and fasteners.


Base: Synthetic rubber & resin
Type: Solvent elastomeric adhesive
Color: Light Tan
Appearance: Smooth paste
Application Temperature: 10°to 100°F (-12°to 38°C)
Service Temperature: -20°to 140°F (-29°to 60°C)
Adhesion: Excellent to most common
building materials
Consistency: Non-sag under normal use
Bridging Ability: Excellent, bridges gaps
to 3/8" (1 cm)
Extrudability: Very easy to gun at room temperature
Shear Strength: 24 hours – 200 psi
48 hours – 300 psi
28 days – exceeds 450 psi
Durability: Very good; estimated to exceed 40 years
Flexibility: Excellent
Water Resistance: Very good
Exterior Weathering: Very good; not
recommended for direct exposure to sunlight
Aging: Excellent after accelerated aging cycle
Freeze-Thaw-Stable: Does not freeze
Bleed: None
Staining: None
Odor: Mild toluene
Working Time: Adhere within 15 minutes
Drying Time: Full cure in two weeks
Paintability: Paintable with oil and
latex based paints
Weight Per Gallon: 9.5 pounds (1.13 kg/l)
Viscosity: 210,000 CPS
Volatiles: 34%
Solids: 66%
Flammability: Extremely flammable;
nonflammable when dry
Flash Point: 1°F (-17°C)
30 lineal ft. using 1/4" bead for 10 fl.oz.;
85 lineal ft. using 1/4" bead for 28 fl.oz.
Shelf Life: 12 months from date of purchase
Specifications: Exceeds ASTM AFG-01
& ASTM-D-3498

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