Choose Your Tools

Many unique modules of tools to select from the basic ¼”, 3/8” and ½” drive size modules to more specialty tool modules.

Customize Your Set

Build the Ultimate Tool Set! Combine modules to cover a wide range of tools with no duplication.

Molded Trays

Molded trays provide a place for every tool. You never have to dig around the tool chest for a tool again!

Easy Organization

Tool modules are designed to slide into a variety of Craftsman storage units. Simply slide the tool tray into the drawer and your tools are forever organized and always where you want them.

Quick Transportation

Easily bring tools to the job site in our portable storage unit.

*Most tool modules fit. See dimensions for details

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Available Modules

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43-pc. bit socket module

43-pc. bit socket module
38-pc. 3/8 drive impact module
14-pc. master drive tool module
4-drawer portable storage case module
48-pc. 1/4-in. drive socket module
49-pc. 3/8-in. drive socket module
43-pc. 1/2-in. drive socket module
18-pc. full-polish combo wrench module
10-pc. large full-polish combo wrench module
52-pc. 1/2-in. drive impact socket module
68-pc. general purpose module
10-pc. brake kit module