Rust-Oleum Professional Concrete Resurfacer

Product Characteristics

  • 2 Part cementitious microtopping creates a bond stronger than concrete
  • Adds an extra layer of protection; withstands heavy foot and vehicle traffic 
  • For use on aged, spalled, patched and cracked concrete surfaces 
  • Provides a perfect base for sealing, staining or painting
  • Kit Covers 125 sq ft 
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Easy to use. Roll on!

Natural concrete color

Ideal for a variety of applications

Provides a perfect base for sealing, staining or painting

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Prepare the Surface

1. Prepare the surface:

Repair any cracked, spalled or damaged areas with a cementitious or vinyl concrete patch (sold separately).

Use a heavy –duty degreaser (sold separately) to remove dirt, oil and other contaminants.

Rinse the surface thoroughly with fresh water and allow to dry. 


Kit Includes:
  • Dry resurfacer blend
  • Liquid polymer
  • Metal mixing blade
  • Instruction sheet

Additional Supplies Needed:

  •  5 gallon bucket
  • Power drill (3/8” drive) 
  • Roller frame and cover (3/8” nap)
  • Extension pole
  • Rust-Oleum Concrete Sealer (or similar clear acrylic concrete sealer) for protection against staining and dirt pick-up. Please see your local Lowe's store to purchase Rust-Oleum Concrete Sealer.

Optional Supplies:

  • Heavy duty degreaser
  • Cementitious or vinyl concrete patch for repairing large cracks and spalled areas