912 Preassembled 24" x 24" Sewage System/910 Field Assembled 24" x 24" Sewage System


Flat Cover

Provides easy cleaning after rough-in and over the life of the installation.

Solid Basin Lid

A solid fiberglass lid comes standard on all 50 Hz / UK basin systems

Additional Flats

Allows for easy installation of extra inlets.


Zoeller Sewage Ejector

100% factory tested for reliability from the moment it is installed.


Pump is available with either US or UK plug.  Model U267 pump comes with 35' (11 m) standard cord length

Built-in Pump Stand With Safety Stops

Elevates pump for clean pumping area. Eliminates issues with construction debris. Secures pump during shipping.

2" Female Vent & Discharge

Provides easy cleaning after rough-in and over the life of the installation. Debris caps included.

Integral Molded Hub

Readily accepts 4" (DN100) no hub coupling.

1st Anti-Flotation Device

Firmly anchors unit, ensuring secure installation.

2nd Anti-Flotation Device

Firmly anchors unit, ensuring a secure installation.

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24" x 24" Sewage System Packages

912 Factory Preassembled or 910 Field Assembled systems available.  24" depth for easier installation in troublesome areas.  Ideal for homes, farms, mobile home communities, motels, restaurants and institutions where drain facilities are below existing sewer lines.

24" x 24" Sewage System Packages
Blank Basin Lid
60 Hz Total Dynamic Head
60 Hz Dimensional Data
60 Hz Performance Curve
50 Hz Total Dynamic Head / Flow
50 Hz Dimensional Data
50 Hz Performance Curve


Pump Material

Cast Iron

Basin Material


Thread Size

2 inches (DN50)

Vent Size

2 inches (DN50)


264 4/10 HP or 266 1/2 HP

U267 1/2 HP

Basin Style


Basin Size

24" x 24"


76 lbs

Max Temperature

130 degrees F / 54 degrees C


High Water Alarms

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