Samsung RH269LASH - Refrigerator ICE Pad



There’s no need to miss the game just because you’re working in the yard. Samsung’s Wireless ICE Pad gives you the freedom to enjoy entertainment virtually around your home. The stunning 10.4” LCD touch screen can be detached from the refrigerator. This portable function enables you to watch your favorite TV program or listen to the radio within 200 ft. of the digital transmitter. Bring it outside and watch a movie during a barbecue. Take it into the living room and download recipes from a cooking show, or write a ‘reminder’ note and leave it in your kid’s bedroom.


If you’re in a hurry, you’ll still have time to use the Wireless ICE Pad. The intuitive Touch Pad Navigation makes it easy to use and simple to master. Whether you’re leaving a voice message, scribbling a note or checking your calendar, all it takes is a couple of touches on the screen and the ICE Pad is ready to perform any function you need. Alarms and notifications are easy to set and they help keep the entire family up-to-date. If a new message has been written, the alarm icon lights up to alert everyone to check the ICE Pad. You can even set an alarm to remind you of an appointment. The alarm will go off anywhere between 5 minutes and an hour before the event, depending on when you set it.


The days of cluttering your refrigerator with messages, calendars and ‘To Do’ lists are over. In fact, you may never need a magnet again. Samsung’s wireless ICE Pad acts as a centralized message center for the entire family. It allows you to jot a note on the LCD screen using your finger or the stylus pen. You can also use the navigation pad to type a message. If you want to emphasize something of importance, use the voice message system. To activate it, simply press the record key, record your message and your family can play it back at anytime. The interactive calendar is an ideal way to consolidate everyone’s schedule. It can also be used to remind everyone of upcoming events, like birthdays and anniversaries.


No matter where you are around the house, Samsung’s Wireless ICE Pad is ready to entertain you. The digital transmitter receives the same signal from your main TV, but is not controlled by that TV. This way, you’re able to watch shows without interrupting viewing elsewhere in your home. You can also use the ICE Pad to listen to the radio. If it’s movie night, you can connect your DVD player and watch under the stars. Two convenient AV connections let you enjoy clear, bright pictures on the ICE Pad’s LCD screen.
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