Samsung FTQ386 - Oven Range


Free-Standing Electric Range


You spend a lot of time preparing meals, cooking meals, and enjoying meals. The last thing you want to spend time on is cleaning up after meals, especially when it comes to your electric range.

That’s why the Samsung FTQ386 free-standing range comes with SteamQuick™, a feature that helps you clean the oven in about 20 minutes, so you can easily maintain a clean oven. You don’t let food spills build up on your cook top for six months, so why not keep your oven clean too?  

Steam cleaning is easier, safer, and more energy efficient than conventional pyrolytic “self clean” systems. Simply pour 10 ounces of tap water inside the oven, turn on SteamQuick™, wait 20 minutes, then wipe. Imagine no burn marks, ashes, nor harsh smells. And the oven is clean by the time you’ve loaded the dishwasher!


With Samsung’s exclusive 3-Fan True Convection System, you will experience a new level of even cooking.

Traditionally, convection ovens have used one fan to circulate heat within the oven. Although this helps speed up the oven heating, it doesn’t ensure that it is heated evenly.

The 3-Fan True Convection System ensures that the oven is heated evenly so food cooks more evenly. Want to bake multiple trays of cookies simultaneously and have them all come out great? Tired of putting that large roast back in because part of it isn’t done?  Then Samsung’s 3-Fan True Convection Range is for you.


Make your next dinner party an even bigger success than your last. The Samsung FTQ386 free-standing range offers an ultra-large cavity with 5.7 cubic feet of space -- plenty of room to cook several courses at once.

The oven comes with three chrome racks that enable you to cook several appetizers, entrees, and/or desserts at the same time. Seven racking levels let you easily adjust the rack heights for greater convenience.

No matter which rack level you use -- from the very top to the very bottom, you can be certain everything you place inside the oven will be cooked as evenly as possible.

Underneath it all is a warming drawer (1.4 cu. ft.) that lets you keep meals warm when you’re not ready to serve just yet. This is perfect for foods like fish that can’t be reheated well, or when you are preparing a multi-dish hot meal.


When it comes to cooking, presentation heightens your overall experience. And wouldn’t it be nice if your appliances looked as beautiful as the meals you prepare? No more wishful thinking thanks to Samsung’s stainless steel electric range that looks as if it stepped out of a professional chef’s kitchen.

The sleek ceramic glass cook top is beautifully functional with five heating elements, including a triple burner, a dual burner and a warming centre. Smooth to the touch, the cook top makes cleaning an absolute breeze.

The Glass Touch Sensor Control Panel is elegant and easy to use, while the zinc die cast alloy knobs accent the stainless steel finish. The two-tone digital LED display looks great and allows for easy checks on the active functions and their settings.

And to show off the oven’s large capacity, the stainless steel door features a widescreen glass window that also makes it easy to check on the food inside.

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