Samsung French Door Refrigerator


Food Preservation - Twin Cooling

Keeping produce fresh is a challenge for conventional refrigerators. They typically use a single cooling system that chills both the fridge and freezer compartments at the same time. When dry freezer air circulates through the fridge, it prevents food from being stored at an optimal humidity. With Samsung’s French Door refrigerators, food remains fresh for longer periods of time. That’s because they feature our innovative Twin Cooling system. Twin Cooling Technology separates the control systems for the fridge and freezer to generate cool air independently. Because the cooling air doesn’t flow between compartments, an optimal level of humidity is maintained – lower for frozen foods, higher for fresh products. Odors don’t mix between compartments, so you never need worry about your ice tasting like leftovers.


A refrigerator is generally the largest appliance in your kitchen and the focal point of its design. That’s why so much effort went into developing Samsung’s French Door refrigerator. The stylish, smooth arched door provides a classier look than conventional refrigerators. Attention to detail is evident by the flawlessly hidden hinge. On many refrigerators the hinge sticks out, which isn’t the case on our French Door model. A simple-to-use blue digital display, located behind the door, blends in so the fridge maintains its sophisticated look. Select models also feature a water dispenser on the inside of the refrigerator. Because the dispenser is on the inside, the doors maintain their sleek appeal.


If you look inside a conventional refrigerator you’ll traditionally find items squeezed in and stacked on top of each other. Often times there simply isn’t enough room for everything you want to store. With a Samsung French Door refrigerator, finding space to store your food won’t be a challenge. That’s because Samsung boasts a large capacity at a spacious 25.8 cu.ft. So you’ll have plenty of room leftover for leftovers. For even more options, Samsung has designed the CoolSelect Pantry. It’s a fridge within a fridge that allows you an additional space to control the cooling for temperature sensitive foods. Samsung also features molded bins and shelving that are easier to clean than conventional wire bins.

Water and Ice Dispenser

The popularity of bottled water has never been higher, and neither have the prices. With Samsung’s French Door refrigerator there’s no need to spend money on expensive bottles of water. Why bother, when select models(RF266) offer convenient water dispensers, and all models include ice makers? The water and ice are both filtered so you can always enjoy a crisp, clean and refreshing glass of water. I’ll drink to that!

Energy Efficiency

In today’s world, conservation is important. Not only is an energy efficient appliance better for the environment, it will also save money on electric bills. That’s why Samsung’s French Door refrigerators use an innovative insulation material. This unique insulation enables the French Door refrigerators to operate efficiently while using less energy than other refrigerators. In fact, Samsung uses 15% less energy than is required by current energy standards. Samsung also uses environmentally friendly refrigerants that do not contribute to global warming.
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360 Rotation