Americana Ozark Door Awning


All Aluminum Roof System

The Ozark is designed as an attached patio cover/carport, that will not rust or rot and requires minimal maintenance.

Heavy Duty

Extruded aluminum, 2 piece mounting rail requires only 1 ½” of mounting space on the wall.  Two piece system creates a hinge to slope cover away from the building for proper drainage.  Plus allows the cover to move independently of the wall, minimizing possible damage from frost and freeze upheaval.

10' Span

5” extruded aluminum fascia has a large built in gutter that is engineered for strength and designed for direct attachment of the support posts eliminating the need for a setback beam. Can span up to 10’ between posts.

"V" Aluminum Roof Pan

.019 thick 10” wide structural “V” aluminum roof pan is designed primarily for light snow load areas however it may be used to 10’ projection by the addition of the optional c beam.


Extruded aluminum 1-1/2" square support braces.   Two models,  wall attach or ground attach.  Ground models have a 7' 6" tall post.


Downspout kits for directional drainage at ground level, C beam support to set posts back from front of cover are optional.

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Ozark Awning

Standard unit - posts mount under front gutter.

Ozark Awning
Ozark Patio Cover
Ozark Door Canopy


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Custom crafted for you: 

Specify  Projection in 1' increments  minimum 5' maximum 12' 

Specify Length in 10" increments: minimum 8'4" No maximum 

L shaped units and other options available, call us toll-free at 1-888-442-2928 to discuss your needs.

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Ozark Patio Cover Assembly Instructions

Recommended Tools:
-3/8" Electric Drill
-Carpenters Square
-Tape Measure
-Metal Hack Saw
-Silicone Caulking
-Screw Drivers (Regular & Phillips)

Before You Begin:
1.) Please read all instructions carefully. Check the Bill of Materials for any missing parts, and gather all necessary tools. The paint finish can be scratched so place materials on tarp or cardboard to prevent scratching.
2.) Note that this patio cover kit is not designed to carry additional loads such as hanging
plants, swings, people, trellis's, or other objects.