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Aluminum Construction

Strong yet lightweight and absolutely will not rust or rot. Available in two styles, regular end with flared louvered side panels or valance end with a streamlined single piece side trim.

Hard Coat Baked Enamel Paint Finish

Available in seven (7) high gloss and five (5) matte colors, holds up under the elements and provides years of low maintenance beauty. White gloss underside of all awnings reflects light into the room thereby allowing the awning to provide shade protection while minimizing its darkening effects.

Fully Ventilated Construction

Allows air to flow through the top and sides eliminating trapped heat and allowing darker colors to be used without sacrificing the cooling effects of an awning. Ventilated construction also reduces uplift on the awning enabling it to be used in areas prone to high winds.

Built In Baffle Design

The built-in baffle design of the roof pans, while allowing air to circulate, will not leak even during driving rains. Alternating pan and cover roof construction and separate side louver panels provide individual and inexpensive replacement in the event of damage.

Individual Pans and Covers

Allow you to add color accents to create the look you want.

Custom Manufactured

Use the Aluma Vent for window awnings, door hoods, porch awnings or patio covers. With projections from 15” to 127”, a wide choice of drops, and widths starting at 10” up to infinity.

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Regular End Style

17-1/2" height  x 43" projection x 55" width Regular End Style Aluma Vent

Regular End Style
Regular End Style
Regular End Style Door Awning
Valance End Style


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Canyon Red
Hunter Green
Ivy Green
Terra Cotta



Custom crafted for you: 

Choose Projection and Height of awning below.

Specify Width in 1" increments.

Note: Panel is 5" wide

Widths ending in 1" or 6"
EX: 61" or 66" are not recommended.  

Vented sides will extend approximately 3" past the width on each side of unit. 

Projection Choices: 15", 22", 29", 36", 43", 50".

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Installation Instructions

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Aluma Vent Regular Ends

Aluma Vent Regular Ends
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