Onsia In-Frame Speaker



Speaker surface panel

Much like a violin or acoustic guitar, Onsia works on the principle of radiating sound through vibration. The speaker panel creates hundreds of simultaneous, nonlinear vibrations instead of the piston-generated, directional pulses from conventional cone diaphragms

NXT™ transducers

The transducers stimulate the entire soundboard, generating up to ten times more radiating sound surface than a conventional loudspeaker

Acoustic filter

Directs the sound waves generated by hundreds of vibrations to greatly reduce spatial interference and cancellations that are often experienced with the directional sound waves of ordinary speakers. Thus, evenly textured, dynamic sound fills the entire room

Acoustic enhancement chamber

Helps the sound panel generate consistent yet powerful sound reproduction throughout the entire room. You can clearly hear the music, but also carry on a conversation

Protective, self-resetting polyswitch

Engineered for years of listening enjoyment, polyswitches are built into each speaker, thus eliminating “blown” speakers due to overpowering or signal spikes
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Place speakers anywhere
Onsia’s flat panel design generates sound in an exceptionally wide dispersion angle. This allows you to place speakers almost anywhere and still get peak performance

Note: a full set of detailed installation instructions is included with the purchase of every Onsia speaker


Onsia technology engages the flat panel surface, reproducing accurate high, mid and low-range sounds which meet or exceed national-brand speakers across all frequencies

Design:  Distributed Mode Loudspeaker
Diaphragm:  576 Square Inches
Freq Range:  50 Hz ~ 15 kHz
Crossover:  N/A
Input Power:  25w RMS/50w Peak
Protection:  Self-resetting polyswitch
Sensitivity:  87dB /1w /1 meter
Impedance:  16 ohms nominal
Dispersion:  170 degrees
Warranty: Manufacturer 1 year limited warranty
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