DELTA 17" Laser Drill Press

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Integrated TWINLASER®

Fully adjustable laser pod projects a crosshair on the work piece to indicate the location of bit contact

Large, Redesigned Base

Large, redesigned base helps promote greater tool stability

Woodworker's Table

Woodworker's table has a removable insert for through drilling with large bits and accommodates sanding drums as well

Table Design

Unique table is designed to eliminate auxiliary fixtures by tilting left, right and forward

Large Quill Stroke Capacity

Large quill stroke capacity allows users to drill a variety of demanding operations

Heavy-duty Motor

Heavy-duty 3/4 HP motor provides ample power for demanding applications

Cast-iron Head

Largest in class cast-iron head provides smooth drilling with minimal vibration

Task Light

Integrated task light provides improved visibility in the drilling area
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Model 17-959L
Speeds: 16 (215-2750 RPM)

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