QPR® High Performance Pavement Repair

Features & Benefits

Leading Pavement Repair Material

QPR Permanent & Easy Pothole Repair is North America's leading pavement repair material and is DOT approved in all 50 states as well as Canada.

One-Time Application

Unlike other products, QPR Pothole Repair is not a patch. It is a repair material designed for one time application, thereby avoiding the necessity for multiple costly and time consuming applications.


QPR Permanent & Easy Pothole Repair is used year round by the nation’s largest utilities, Public Works Departments, as well as State and provincial Highway Departments.

Environmentally Sustainable

QPR Permanent & Easy Pothole Repair is an environmentally sustainable product.

Regional & Seasonal

Here at QPR, we specifically blend our product for the geography and season in which it will be used.


While QPR Permanent & Easy Pothole Repair is the leading repair material for North America's superhighways, it is also the first choice for homeowners and Property Managers who demand the reliability of a PERMANENT repair for driveways and parking lots.

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Step 1 - Clean

Clean area to be repaired of any loose material, or debris.



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QPR Material Specifications

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