Samsung Quatro Convertible Refrigerator


Features & Benefits

Maintains Freshness

As a high humidity level is critical for keeping vegetables and fruits at their freshest, the Quatro Cooling System helps food retain its moisture for much longer.

Flexible Capacity

With your comfort and convenience in mind, four multi-purpose compartments offer customized temperature control, so that you can makethe most of this refrigerator by converting the compartments to meet your immediate needs. Back from a trip to the grocery store? TheQuatro Cooling Convertible Refrigerator can store all your fresh foods, including more room for fruits and vegetables. Or, instantly turn acompartment into an extra freezer to store frozen foods on even the hottest summer days. This refrigerator is all you want it to be.

Flexible Storage Temperature

Food stays fresher longer with four customized settings for each drawer, providing the ideal storage circumstances. Samsung’s Arctic Select Zone and Fresh Select Zone allow you to select the temperature and functions that fit your individual lifestyle and needs.

No Mixing of Odors

The cool air from the Quatro Cooling System does not travel across the different compartments, ensuring no mixing of odors.

Tilt Pockets

Tilt pockets are engineered to tilt up to 30 degrees, giving you the perfect angle to easily take out & put back bulky items.

Water Filter

The water filter can be easily changed using the new pop-out system, without ever disturbing the contents of the refrigerator.

Spill-Proof Shelves

Tempered glass shelves are designed to contain any spills and allow for easy clean up.

Vegetable & Fruit Drawer

The drawers feature a unique humidity adjustment seal to help maintain optimal humidity levels in the compartment, which is critical in maintaining freshness.

Fresh Select Zone

The Fresh Select Zone is a versatile extension of the standard refrigerator, allowing you to select temperatures between -5°C and 4°C.

Fresh Select Modes:
  • Soft Freeze
  • Cool
  • Chill
  • Fresh

Arctic Select Zone

The Arctic Select Zone is a megaextension of the standard freezer, enabling you to select temperatures from -13°F to 37°F.

Arctic Select Modes:
  • Power Freeze
  • Soft Freeze
  • Freeze
  • Cool
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360 Rotation



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Stainless Platinum


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Capacity (cubic feet)
Total: 25.0
Freezer: 7.0
Refrigerator: 11.7
Fresh Select Zone: 3.8
Arctic Select Zone: 2.5

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