Boppy® Two-Sided Nursing Pillow

A Look at the Nursing Pillow

Hi, I’m Kim. I’m from Denver, Colorado.

I am a mom of three and this is my youngest Olivia, who is six months old.

I nursed my first two with the Boppy Pillow. It was really important for myself and the baby to be comfortable. Boppy’s been around for so long, it’s just a name I trust.

This is the new Boppy Nursing Pillow. It was designed by a lactation consultant specifically just for nursing.

So they took everything that we love about the Boppy Pillow and created this new Boppy Nursing Pillow.

The new Boppy Nursing Pillow has two surfaces. There’s a firm side as well as a soft side. It gives me options as a mom for comfortable nursing.

The firm side has this great contoured edge, which is great for the baby who can cradle up next to me which helps with latching.  As well as that belly-to-belly positioning, which is so important.

The wide shape fits most waists and it has a belt, too. The belt is great because it keeps the pillow securely in place. And also is fully removable and I can tuck away the clips.

The soft surface, which is like that of the Boppy Pillow, provides cushioned support to help position baby. Like the Boppy Pillow, it’s washable. You take out the foam insert and the rest you just throw in the washing machine.

I really love nursing Olivia on this pillow. It allows us to have that special bonding time which is so important. I feel like I need to cherish these moments because time goes by so fast.

Knowing all moms and babies are unique, this worked for me. I really enjoyed using the Boppy Nursing Pillow and I encourage you to check it out, too.


Designed with a Lactation Consultant

specifically for nursing

Two Different Surfaces: One Firm, One Soft

offer a choice of support for comfortable feedings.

Adjustable Belt

keeps pillow securely in place

Fits Most Waists

created with a wide arm design to fit most body types

Machine Washable

easy to clean – the pillow is machine washable and has a removable, wipeable foam insert

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Designed Specifically for Nursing

with a Lactation Consultant for successful breastfeeding

Two Different Surfaces: One Firm, One Soft

offer mom options to use what works best for her and baby

Firm Side

features contoured foam that cradles baby to mom and helps with latching. Also promotes belly to belly positioning.

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Soft Side

Softer surface, like the original Boppy® Pillow, offers more cushioning and height to help position baby as they grow.

*Pinwheels fashion shown

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